Rich McNutt is your host/producer with 40+ years as a sportsman and professional hunting guide. We all have one or two great recipes for our wild game and Rich shows you his. From family friendly recipes to get rid of the wild gamey taste to his favorite dessert. You will enjoy his fast and easy way to cook wild game. As a professional hunter, hunting and safety instructor and the author of Hunters Choices; Choices you can make to improve your big game hunting success, most friends expected a hunting and/or training video series instead of a cooking show. You will find some video training tips on the Hunters Choices web site. do not be like the hunting friends and clients that quit hunting because they did not know how to cook wild game and let the meat waste in the freezer. Cooking wild game is truly a different art than cooking pen raised steroid injected beef, pork and chicken. You won't believe how great you can cook wild game by following along with our expert chefs.

Rich McNutt cooks these recipes for you

Recipe 23 on DVD Volume 2 Grinding Venison - Mixing Italian Sausage

Grinding Venison - Mixing Italian Sausage Rich using a seasoning kit, shows you how to grind venison burger while adding pork meat. the Italian Venison Sausage is great in Venison Meat Balls, a quick favorite on hoagies, and on pizza.

Recipe 25 on DVD Volume 2 Venison Enchiladas, Tacos, Nachos, Tostadas, Burritos

Five dinners from one basic starter recipe of diced stew meat or burger. Rich shows you how to make an easy, from the can , kid loving, Venison Taco Filler. Just add a few more ingredients and you have all you need for Venison Burritos, Nachos and tostadas. Add a few more cans and Rich's easy build layers of tortillas and you now have your new family favorite, Venison Enchiladas. Packaged for the freezer and pre-made for hunting camp

Recipe 53 on DVD Volume ONE Remove the Wild Taste Recipe of Crockpot Venison Round Steaks

This recipe is for game meat that has a mild case of wild flavor. A simple no fuss Crockpot secret from Rich McNutt's kid friendly personal cook book. Rich mentions a few tricks on how to remove the stronger wild taste from other game meats before butchering and where to find more information.

Meet professional Chef Scott Bazylewicz (bosk-a-lovich) your Wild Things Show cooking wild game expert of the grill and sauce pan. Chef Scott has worked for 30 years in the five star restaurants and has owned his own. Watching Chef Scott with his cutting knife is like watching a wizard. Chef Scott demonstrates how to cut fruits, meets and veggies reducing your preparation time in half. Chef Scott's cooking knowledge is amazing and he makes the cooking experience entertaining as well as educational. Chef Scott shows us how to make marvelous dishes like, pineapple kiwi salsa, Jack Daniels venison steaks, tequila lime sauce for salmon, coconut lime rice, and from scratch venison sausage pizza on your grill. Plus many more. Anybody can make leather taste good with enough beer and BBQ sauce, if you want to cook amazing recipes and be the wild game cooking hero in your family, you will need to try some of Chef Scott's taste sensations.

CHEF Scott cooks these wonderful recipes for you.

Recipe 9 on DVD Volume ONE Potato Cheese Pie

More tasty than scalloped potatoes and served pie shape this 40 minute cheese, potatoes and peppercorns side dish is outstanding. Serves great with birds, waterfowl and other red meats.

Recipe 13 and 14 on DVD Volume ONE Grilled Venison Sausage Pizza

Everybody loves pizza. Your family will love your homemade Venison Sausage Pizza from the grill, even more. Be the go-to cooking hero by learning from Chef Scott and award winning venison sausage expert Kurt Heid. From the creation of homemade dough, to the made from scratch pizza sauce, to a grilled pizza masterpiece, they show you step by simple step how to create this family favorite. You cannot buy this kind of flavor, try it yourself for proof. Bonus: While the venison sausage pizza is cooking on the grill Kurt discusses what it takes to create your own cured venison from frozen meat parts at home.

Recipe 16 on DVD Volume 2 Pheasant De La Crème

Great with any small game dish this 1890's Pribnow Family secret recipe is sure to please. Restaurateur Gary Pribnow with his mother Ardis help chef Scott with a wood stove favorite from the past. Served over rice or pasta with vegetables of your choice, this dish is a real family pleaser with any small game.

Introducing Spice Chef Starla Batzko of Starla's Seasonings and Mixes at As a successful huntress Starla combines her spice blending business with wild game recipes for truly unique flavors. Starla demonstrates several cut with a fork wild turkey breast recipes that are simply outstanding. She shows us how to combine her mail order spice mixes to cook amazing walleye, bison, salmon, wild boar and more. She even has a beer bread mix that goes great with most wild game recipes. Many of Starla's wonderful side dishes are posted on the FREE and PRINTABLE RECIPES page.