WILD THINGS SHOW Cooking Wild Game is the best ON LINE Wild Game Cooking episodes you will ever find. We are streaming on line to all devises for the conscientious sportsman who wants to be the family wild game cooking hero. Visit COOKING WILD GAME with Rich McNutt for over 100 fantastic Cooking Wild Game Episodes all for only $6/mo. No contract you may cancel any time.

From Elk to Venison and Wild Boar, and from Pheasant to Quail and Turkey, and from Sharks to Salmon and Walleye. Weather you cook on the open flames, grill, stove top, slow cooker or canning, you will find a fantastic how to cooking episode to impress your family and friends.

Your family will want you to hunt and fish more often after learning these Cooking Wild Game secrets. Put a dent into your grocery budget and do not allow your freezer full of wonderful game meat go to waste. Don't be the guy who grinds all his meat because he has not learned these secrets yet. I found that after I try a recipe three times it turns out much better. You have a freezer full of meat, don't worry about messing up. That's what frozen pizzas are for. Visit COOKING WILD GAME with Rich McNutt for over 100 fantastic "how to" Cooking Wild Game Episodes all for only $6/mo. No contract you may cancel any time

I have had many hunting friends and clients give all their meat away and even quit hunting and fishing because they didn't know how to cook the game they brought home. Their logic didn't add up, although I benefitted with a few freezers full of meat. With all the meat they had in the freezer they could afford to burn some in order to learn how to cook it. A frozen pizza for dinner at my place meant that I wrecked another trial by error recipe. To me a printed recipe is all Greek. I can look at a blue print and visualize how the finished project will get completed, but when I look at a recipe all I see is strange numbers. I spent three years searching cooking supply stores for a Simmer device. When I asked for help, all I got was strange looks. Now I know that to simmer your meat is not a hammer or something but in reality a cooking temperature like boiling. I was learning by trial and error, mostly error. I didn't know I needed to be shown how to cook and what a difference that made.

The best teachers are those who have years worth of experience behind the excellence of what they do. The best Chefs are the same, they have years worth of experience to share about their excellent cooking skills. So that's what Wild Things Show cooking wild game did, we found experienced expert chefs for cooking, canning, smoking and grilling to bring to you an array of wonderful flavors for your fish and wild game. As one of our chefs put it "You learn this and you'll be a cooking God."

We have received hundreds of compliments about the flavorful recipes used in our shows. Wild Things Show cooking wild game is by far the best "How To" cooking show on the wild game market. From sharks to wild boar and elk to birds and waterfowl you will not find an easier to follow and yet entertaining cooking series. You can even use these recipes with store bought birds, beef and fish. Your family will be glad you did.

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We have some free You Tube episodes on the "Free and Printable Recipes" page. Each recipe is outstanding.

After you try one of our great recipes feel free to email back to us how you liked it and what you did to change it. Include the recipe number when posting to the "Reviews" page. Our recipes work wonderful with store bought birds, meat and fish. You are not limited to someone's hunting success rate to try these tasty sensations. Or, if you are down to your last elk steak you can try the recipe first with a cut of beef. Visit COOKING WILD GAME with Rich McNutt for over 100 fantastic Cooking Wild Game Episodes all for only $6/mo. No contract you may cancel any time

Considering you should have plenty of meat as a successful hunter we recommend that you try each recipe three times so as to alter the spices to your preferred tastes. If you are not that successful of a hunter then go to "www.HuntersChoices.com" and try Rich's audio book "Hunters Choices: Choices you can make to improve your big game hunting success. Volume one and two discuss on the ground hunting techniques, fantasy camouflage and wild game defensive capabilities. If new clothes and weapons are the key to big game hunting success, then why is the hunters success rate lower today than 30 years ago, even with the larger game herds today? Big game is color blind, it is wrong to think that they see in black and white. Most big game hunters wear camouflage we humans see as camouflage but according to game biologists the big game animals see it as a bright solid color. Obviously the camouflage marketing strategists have most of the hunting world mislead. Big game, birds and predators see different color spectrums, thus we different types and colors of camouflage for each.

Being a successful hunter is more than just luck. Hunting is a matter of luck only for the ignorant and uneducated. You have the choice to remain uneducated or learn the time proven skills used by successful hunters today.

To find out more go to "www.HuntersChoices.com" and check out Rich McNutt's complete hunting site as well as his audio books. Learn to control the controllable factors of your hunt and your meals.




Rich McNutt is your host/producer with 40+ years as a sportsman and professional hunting guide. We all have one or two great recipes for our wild game and Rich shows you his. From family friendly recipes to get rid of the wild gamey taste to his favorite dessert. You will enjoy his fast and easy way to cook wild game. As a professional hunter, hunting and safety instructor and the author of Hunters Choices; Choices you can make to improve your big game hunting success, most friends expected a hunting and/or training video series instead of a cooking show. You will find some video training tips on the Hunters Choices web site. do not be like the hunting friends and clients that quit hunting because they did not know how to cook wild game and let the meat waste in the freezer. Cooking wild game is truly a different art than cooking pen raised steroid injected beef, pork and chicken. You won't believe how great you can cook wild game by following along with our expert chefs.

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Meet professional Chef Scott Bazylewicz (bosk-a-lovich) your Wild Things Show cooking wild game expert of the grill and sauce pan. Chef Scott has worked for 30 years in the five star restaurants and has owned his own. Watching Chef Scott with his cutting knife is like watching a wizard. Chef Scott demonstrates how to cut fruits, meets and veggies reducing your preparation time in half. Chef Scott's cooking knowledge is amazing and he makes the cooking experience entertaining as well as educational. Chef Scott shows us how to make marvelous dishes like, pineapple kiwi salsa, Jack Daniels venison steaks, tequila lime sauce for salmon, coconut lime rice, and from scratch venison sausage pizza on your grill. Plus many more. Anybody can make leather taste good with enough beer and BBQ sauce, if you want to cook amazing recipes and be the wild game cooking hero in your family, you will need to try some of Chef Scott's taste sensations.

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Introducing Spice Chef Starla Batzko of Starla's Seasonings and Mixes at www.iLoveDip.com. As a successful huntress Starla combines her spice blending business with wild game recipes for truly unique flavors. Starla demonstrates several cut with a fork wild turkey breast recipes that are simply outstanding. She shows us how to combine her mail order spice mixes to cook amazing walleye, bison, salmon, wild boar and more. She even has a beer bread mix that goes great with most wild game recipes. Many of Starla's wonderful side dishes are posted on the FREE and PRINTABLE RECIPES page.

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