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Discounted with 100% Money back Guarantee, Field proven effective, concentrated to save time and money.

E-0001 L.O.C. ®BodyWash/ Laundry Soap

(Liquid Organic Concentrate) The same bacteria, musk, and oils that are on your body, are transferred into your clothing, so it makes sense that you can use the same scent free soap for washing your clothing as you do for bathing. As with any soap, water temperature is an important factor in removing body musk and oils. Cold water will work very poorly and very hot water may ruin your clothing. Always check manufacturers’ recommendations before washing your hunting garments. Wash in the warmest water possible, warm water supports in the breaking down of oils so that the soap is more effective.

(See book Hunter’s Choices for complete scent control program)

CAUTION it is important to flush your washing machine.

Please flush out (purge) your washer, before using any bio-degradable non-scent products on your hunting clothing. Run your washer with hot water with 1/8 cup of L.O.C.® and with no clothing inside. The basket inside the washer is where you insert your clothes to be washed and the tub surrounds the basket. Many brands of soap leave a scummy residue, (White Clay to filter water stains) hidden from sight in the tub behind the basket. L.O.C.® will loosen and remove this scummy residue and that residue will ruin any garments inside your machine. I have had no problems with scum loosening at laundry mats. Evidently there is plenty of non-powder soap users to keep the machines clean of build up. Avoid using chlorine bleach. Odor blocker sprays are made from chlorine, which is reactivated when clothing is wet. I blamed cheap camouflage clothes companies when it was my use of odor controlling sprays that caused the instant fading of expesive camouflage clothes. Your blue jeans and colors stay colofull for many years with our regular scented laundry soap SA8® 10-7856.

I use 1/8 cup, one pump L.O.C.® per washer load, for my hunting clothes on the regular cycle, in warm water, with a warm water rinse. My washing machine doesn’t have a second warm water rinse option, so I run my hunting clothes through the wash cycle a second time in warm water, with no soap for extra rinsing. I never use fabric softener on hunting clothes. I prefer to dry my clothing on an outside clothesline. If pressed for time, I will place non-wool clothing in a dryer, at medium heat, with no fabric softener. Use only cool water with wool, silk and polypropylene garments, on the gentle cycle, with the same 1/8 cup of soap. Avoid placing your wool silk and polypropylene garments in a dryer. The heat, and tumbling action from the dryer, will break down the threads in the garments.

I use L.O.C® concentrate in a liter squeeze bottle for body wash, in a shower, sauna, tub, ect. I use the squeeze bottle for other camp activities such as doing dishes, and general clean up in the camper. If a shower is not available while hunting, I bathe in a large cook pot or sink every night of the hunt. This keeps my sleeping gear unspoiled. Being biodegradable helps keep the camp site green and clean.

E-3897 L.O.C. ® Towelettes

Pocket size cleaning towelettes in resealable wrappers, great for sink baths without the sink. Will remove fresh blood from hunting garments, hands, and knives.

E-8116 See Spray® Anti-fog, Anti-static Lens Cleaner

An absolute must for scopes and optics. Anti-fog is a requirement for those of us who have been cursed with glasses or those who prefer to wear sunglasses while hunting.

10-0276 Body Series® Deodorant/Antiperspirants

Note: Not a completely odorless product. Concentrated, use less product to save more money.

60-1712 Smells Begone® Odor Absorber, Three 14oz Solids

60-1710 Smells Begone® Two 12 oz pump bottles

Unscented, non-toxic, non allergenic, and biodegradable. I use the 12oz pump spray for deodorizing as I dress, and its small pocket size is convenient to carry in the field. I use liberal amounts of Smells Begone® on each layer of clothing, concentrating under the armpits and between legs. In the field I use Smells Begone® at all clothing openings, shirt cuffs, neckline, pant cuffs, and hat/bandanna several times daily depending upon my activity level. I use this product on my truck seats and camping furniture before use when wearing my hunting gear. I also use this product in my sleeping gear. Note: Spray your sleeping gear in the morning after getting up. A damp sleeping bag in cold weather is not fun. The handy 14oz odor-absorbing solid is great for storage closets and luggage. It treats rooms up to 400 square feet. I place this canister in a clean, old sock before placing it in my luggage with my hunting gear.

All of the above products are made from natural ingredients and are biodegradable, anti-bacterial, and without perfumes. Serious hunters use these types of products. While I was using all of the above non-scented products as described, combined with the clothing, diet, camouflage, attractor scent, and hunting style described in Hunters Choices, I harvested a Pope and Young white tail at 31 yards from the ground, while the buck was directly downwind from me. After reading Hunters Choices you will find that non-scented products are only one part of a successful non-scented hunting plan, not the solution in themselves.

Z5844 Chase-mm ® Insect Repellent, Two 11oz. Cans

Z5816 Kill Zone® House and Garden Insect Killer, Two 18oz cans

Helps repel a wide range of pesky insects: mosquitoes, ticks, deerflies, blackflies, gnats, fleas, and more. I have not used this product while big game hunting, but it’s the best stuff I’ve found for fishing and bird hunting. I also use Kill Zone® House and Garden Insect Killer while I am in the fishing boat and in duck or goose blinds.

71-3027 Smart Start® Meals

Nine different great tasting meals. Heat in microwave or in pan of boiling water at hunting camp. Easy fix for kids or those nights after a long day when cooking is just to much work.

70-5512 Protein and Food Bars

70-5757 XS® Energy Drinks

60-4327 XS® Energy Drinks

Our number one seller and most consumed item in hunting camp. No carbs, no sugar, no energy spike. Check it out, it works.

I have been using these products and many more in camp and at home for more than twenty years. Thanks for taking the time to check them out and visit our site.


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